So my lips have been chapped these last few weeks I'm not sure if it's because of the weather or what but they've been dry lately. I grabbed my Chapstick and put it on while I was kinda spacing out and gosh it felt good to feel the cooling/reviving feeling. It made me think about last Friday when I went to the store and was looking at just an aisle full of all of the different kinds of Chapstick. It's almost ridiculous how saturated the Chapstick industry with companies always coming out with some new twist that is going to be better than the other competitors when really it's just a play on the same base.

They claim there's something different that is worth selling whether it be the flashy label or whatever is eye catching to the buyer, but I always go back to the same old Burt's beeswax for a whopping $2.95 because it just always seems to satisfy and do the job.

I relate this to religion. Now-a-days, people always try to sell you something new and improved from the old tried and true but there's always a twist to make it more exciting and to attract more of a broad range of people to "satisfy". Like Chapstick, or toothpaste, or anything I buy, I always find myself reaching for what I know is best and what satisfies me most. Like Christ and my church and my faith, when I am in need of anything, I will always turn to Christ, because He and He alone is what satisfies my thirst when nothing else will.

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