I apologize in advance for my terrible voice (and for the terrible quality when others chime in to sing, couldn't figure out how to fix the distortion). Had a contest to see who could make the most creative advertisement for real estate... I hope I win :) Parody of Summer Nights from the movie GREASE.

Just a typical Date with Trent and Annalisa Brookshier. This is our first time sailing. Lot of fun, and as always, when trying something new with Annalisa it is always hilarious.

Survivor 4 Bailey's Barricade: This was our 4th season playing survivor, and I must say it was one of the best season's yet! Thanks to Annalisa for once again hosting.  Tons of fun! Already looking forward to next season.

At elite gymnastics, Trent and Derek trying to flip Amanda Rowand... I don't think she knew what was coming...

Finally got it.

Our 10th annual trip to Sedona and our 1st time to the Grand Canyon! Amazing fun road trip. Music Boom Clap by Charli xcx and Sky full of stars by Boyce Avenue

Dog Training using Behaviorism: by TobyBlueWolf I used the techniques I learned in my Psychology class to teach my dog Posey to jump into my arms.

Derek, Trent, and Josh (Proud members of the wolfpack) just having fun making a music video. We love our dog Posey! Instagram: TobyBlueWolf Music: One Direction: That's what makes you beautiful

At elite gymnastics, Trent and Derek trying to flip Amanda Rowand... even after the first fail we still didn't give up... and Derek's face received the punishment.

Eric Schindler gets the key to Brackrog's hotel room during the high school senior trip then all the boys storm the room and instigate the biggest dog pile ever. Talk about Put the Kids to bed status!! Noah Maypole may or may not have suffocated on the bottom. Good times!

Analisa and Trent Brookshier Surprise Wedding Entrance June 30 2012. This is how our bridal party, Groom, ring bearers, flower girl, and finally, the BRIDE entered on our big day. We had it planned out for months and successfully surprised the audience with an out of the ordinary ceremony entrance.