I was excited when I heard that the SAT was changing its format... until I previewed it and realized how much harder it potentially will be for students.

But until January 2016, I can continue making fun of the current SAT:

official SAT prep book

Want a good laugh?  Read the back of the “Official SAT TEST book”

The book is great for practice problems and tests, but terrible for preparatory advice.

The book says: “The SAT isn’t designed to trick you.” Lies. The SAT is one of the trickiest tests a high schooler will face.  The test makers purposefully place answer choices that they know may lead students astray. That is how they create a wide range of scores. Almost every single question is designed to “trick” you.  That is why strategy plays such in important role in SAT test taking.

The book also says, “The SAT tests your skills in the same subjects you’re learning in high school.”  Balderdash! What classes are you in right now? History? Biology? Chemistry? Physics? Spanish? None of those are on the test.  Wait a second, what about math and english you might ask. Are you in Calculus? Pre-calculus? Statistics? Algebra 2? Once again, not on the test. Expect to be tested on math topics you haven’t studied in years, vocabulary words you’ve never seen before, and strange grammar rules that no one has ever told you about!

college board test prep

What about this one: “If you take rigorous, challenging courses in high school, you’ll be ready for this test.” Nonsense! I have taught students who are in the highest-level courses their high school offers and sometimes they are the most frustrated. They find themselves being tested on topics they’ve forgotten about!

“The SAT measures what you already know.” Don’t give me that malarkey! The SAT isn’t a test to see how smart you are or how well you did in high school.  Ultimately, the SAT measures how well you’ve prepared for the SAT!  It’s up to YOU!