I love animals!

I love traveling!

I love science fiction!

I love Disneyland!

We are actually Disneyland obsessed. It is our goal to travel to all the Disneylands in the world. So far we have been to 4 out of 5. We went to Disneyland California (top left), Hong Kong (top right), Paris (bottom left), and Florida (bottom right). Next up Tokyo! ... and then Shanghai when that new park opens.


I am so obsessed with the show that I send in an audition tape every six months. Because I have not been selected for the real show (yet), we have hosted the game 5 times already! We are getting ready to host season 6 this year!

Check out my most recent submission video!

Trent Brookshier: Applied for every season of survivor since being eligible for the show. This is his 20th audition tape. Rap song to the beat of "ice ice baby". TobyBlueWolf ready for action!!!