Survivor Power Rankings


Survivor Power Rankings


I am a survivor Super fan! I have never missed a single episode since season 1, back in 2000. I was 10 years old at the time and I have dreamed of being on the show ever since.

Because of my obsession with the show, I decided to start power ranking the players once the merge happens after each episode.

Survivor 35 FINALE

Survivor 35 FINALE

Here it is! The moment we have all been waiting for. The survivor 35 season finale!!! Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast all the others??? Check it out tonight on CBS and check out my predictions below...

Survivor Secret Advantage

#1 Chrissy

She has played the most amazing game out of all the players out there. She has made big moves and has won challenges. I really think she deserves to win it all and I would love to see her do it! Go super mom Chrissy!

Survivor Winner Chrissy

#2 Ryan

He has played a great game and still has some true alliances that will carry him to the end. I don't think at this point he has made big enough moves to prove to the jury that he deserves the title of sole survivor.

Survivor Ryan

#3 Dr. Mike

I think he may be able to slip into the final 3 if they blindside Devon. But I don't believe he has enough friends in the jury to give him the million dollars.

Survivor Mike

#4 Devon

Everyone loves him... but if everyone knows that will they want to sit next to him at the end... I feel a blindside coming.


#5 Ben

He has had a great run, but everyone has made it pretty obvious that they do not want to sit next to him at the end. It seems very unlikely that he will get there, BUT this is Survivor and anything can happen!

Survivor Ben

Season 35 Episode 13

Season 35 Episode 13

#1 Devon

Survivor 35

#2 Chrissy

Survivor Chrissy

#3 Ashley

Ashley Survivor

#4 Ryan

Ryan Survivor

#5 Dr. Mike

IMG_1022 2.JPG

#6 Ben

IMG_1020 2.JPG

Season 35 : Episode 12

Season 35 : Episode 12

Power Rankings prior to Episode 12:

#1 Devon

Devon Survivor

No one dislikes him and no one is talking about voting him out at this point. Obviously he is doing something right.

#2 Lauren

Lauren Survivor

How is no one realizing that she is playing of the best games and is the one who set up the "four" alliance. In my opinion she has one of the best chances to make it to the end and if she does she will likely win.

#3 Chrissy


She is so smart, strategic, and now has an individual immunity to add to her resume. The only thing she is missing is the numbers. Hopefully she will find a way to work her way back into the majority.

#4 Dr. Mike

Mike Survivor

People might overlook him and he may get away sliding under the radar. This gives him a chance even though he is pretty much a lone wolf when it comes to alliances right now.

#5 Ben

Ben Survivor

He is in GREAT position with lots of power and an IDOL! Unfortunately everyone sees him as a threat and therefore he may be going home soon.

#6 Ashley

Ashley Survivor

True statement here. She is actually in really good position with great alliances, but unless she actually pulls off a big move (she was unable to convince Devon last week to vote off Ben) she will never win the million.

#7 Ryan

Survivor Ryan

Unfortunately he no longer has an idol and does not have the numbers... but I believe he is smart enough to pull himself out of this hole. Would love to see him, Chrissy, and Mike pull one more person in.

Season 35, Episode 10 and 11

Season 35, Episode 10 and 11

Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers

Survivor CBS



#1 Lauren

Survivor Lauren.jpg

Week 1, I would have never predicted Lauren to be at the top of my power rankings but here she is. She has won an individual immunity, secured strong alliances, and has her secret advantage of an extra vote. Plus at this point, even though she is only 1 of 3 people to win individual immunity, no one is looking at her as a physical threat. Because of all these reasons, at this point she has the best chance to make it to final 3.

#2 Chrissy

Survivor Chrissy.jpg

Chrissy impresses me more each week. She is easily the most strategic player in this game and is always thinking ahead. She is not seen as a threat currently even though she has been in control of her alliances and is always thinking about what moves she needs to make to get to the end. Her biggest down fall is whispering RIGHT IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE!

#3 Devon

Survivor Devon.jpg

A likable guy who has built on his this strength by securing strong alliances with multiple people. As long as he can hold true to a few close members of his tribe he should be able to get to the end with some of them.

#4 Ashley


She is quietly playing a great game. Nothing monumental at this point and no super tight alliances but if she can survive the next couple votes she may make it deep in this game, and quite possibly to the end.


#5 Ryan


Ryan is an awesome player… he just made the mistake of sharing about his hidden idol with too many people. It looks like it could stir the pot especially since people know how smart he is and what a strategic player he can be.


#6 JP


He is one of the strongest players left in the game (and that is saying a lot considering how many buff people have been cast for this season and how many are still left). Most amazing is how he has managed to stay under the radar. He finds a way to be in the right alliances and keeps his head down so that he is not pissing anyone off or offending someone throughout the day. Now how much strategizing is going on?… at this point it is tough to say. Even if he makes it to the end he won’t win unless he shows that he can actually pull off some strategic big moves.

#7 Ben


Lovable guy but unfortunately his confidence is blindsiding him to the way he is steam rolling people. Even when he is approached about steam rolling he says, “no, I’m not.” HAHA. If he doesn’t figure out how not to seem like the one calling the shots and bossing people around, he may be the next one to go.


#8 Dr. Mike

Survivor Mike.jpg

He always seems a step behind to me. He played the idol for the wrong person this week and unfortunately doesn’t seem capable to pull himself out of the pit he has found himself stuck in with Joe.

#9 Joe


It’s hard to go far in this game when you are public enemy number 1. I am shocked that he has made it this far. I know he thinks of himself as the most strategic player in this game, but I don’t know what kind of “strategy” it is to get everyone so mad at you that they want you gone on a daily basis… and yet he is still here. So you got to give him props for that. Unfortunately he has been at the wrong side of the split when the merge happened and now it looks like his days are numbered unless he is able to manipulate others into surviving another week. This is the reason why he is so dangerous to keep around. And because he is the type of player that can find idols non-stop.