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Don't get me wrong, this was a GREAT movie... however I give you 10 reasons why I was disappointed in the film.

But first


...and a Disclaimer: I am NOT a hard core star wars fan (like I do not know the name of every planet, haven't read the thousands of books about all the different story lines, and can't speak the alien languages), but I did really enjoy Star Wars 1-3 (aka the "new star wars movies") so this is my take on it all.

#10: Lack of creativity
This movie lacked creativity. Every movie I looked forward to seeing what revolutionary idea would be introduced. In episode 1 it was the Pod racing. Episode 2 we saw the building of the Clone Army and the capturing of all three of our heroes and the escape from Genosis after defeating three alien dinosaurs and then saved from death by a battalion of Jedi.  Honestly there was nothing new or revolutionary in this “new” star wars movie.

#9: Lame Villian
Come on! Kylo Ren as the main arch nemesis throughout the movie. Compare this to Darth Maul, General Grievous, Jengo Fett, or even Anakin himself (in episode 3). Not only do I have nothing to fear in this young sith, but he will never be as iconic as the previously mentioned characters. He lacks the evil that the other dark side characters possessed and instead just comes off as a spoiled brat.

#8: Lack of the force
When you go to see a Star Wars film, you go to see “the Force” in action. Because there was a lack of Jedi in the movie, there was also a HUGE lack of the force. This is both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Compare it to the other films where the force is evident in nearly every scene.

#7: Too Easy
It’s hard for me to enjoy a movie when the conflict is too easily resolved. Female protagonist Rey who has never been trained in the force is able to defeat a sith in training Kylo Ren who has clearly mastered certain elements of dark side control such as stopping laser bullets mid shot. And don’t try to argue with me saying that the force is strong within Rey and that is why she is able to defeat Kylo Ren. She doesn’t beat him using the force, she beat him in a light saber battle. Some argue that Kylo Ren was hurt from the gun shot wound. Also, not a valid argument since that did not hinder him from beating Finn, or dominating the first half of the light saber fight.

#6: NO Yoda
Yoda is a central figure to the Star Wars Universe. I understand that he is no longer alive, but his style of character was not replaced and this was a key missing component to the film.

#5: Lack of Planet Diversity
Jakku. Another sand planet, really? One of the reasons I enjoy Star Wars so much is because I really do feel like I’m escaping to another reality. In episodes 1-3 they take us to such places as the underwater Gungan city, the center of the hyperspace galaxy at Coruscant, Utapau the vertical rock planet where Obi Wan battles General Grievous, Kamino ocean planet where cloning technology is developed, Mustafar volcano planet, and of course Naboo the beautiful home planet of Padme.

#4: No happiness
This movie felt like they were constantly on the run, yet nothing ever really happens. Compare this to episodes 1-3 where there is time for Jedi Councils, pod races, and most importantly, character development!

#3: Lack of character development
This whole movie is just a giant build up for what’s to come, but lacks character development along the way. What drove Kylo Ren to the dark side? What makes Finn randomly so good? What is his back story? Who is this Rey girl and what is her story? Even the bonds between the characters aren’t deep. I wasn’t even sad when Han Solo died because he had no connection to any of the main characters aside from Chewy. He apparantly hadn’t seen his wife in years, was astranged from his son, and the audience had very limited time to actually connect to his sub-par character. Oh yeah, and randomly a whole planet of people are destroyed that we are supposed to care about though we have never seen before aside from the 3 second clip when their planet is being destroyed.

#2:No Jedi
Another main reason I watch Star Wars is to escape to the world of Jedi. This movie was almost completely void of Jedi presence. It’s like a black hole in the universe swallowed them all up. But why? and how? (I know they briefly explain but this is STAR WARS... find a way to bring them back into the plot sooner). I get they are trying to build up for the movies to come but as a fan of Jedi for all they can do and what they encompass, I was very disappointed.

#1: Letdown Lightsaber duel
Star Wars, you really built up the light saber battles only to let me down in episode 7. The battle between Qui Gon Gen / Obi Wan Kenobi vs Darth Maul is one of the most epic and revolutionary battles and was ahead of its time. Then we see Yoda as we have never seen him before as he takes on Count Dooku. And in episode 3 we see something I can watch on repeat to the beat of Disturb’s song “Just Stop”. The battle between Aniken and Obi Wan was probably the best fight scene of all time. I get you might not be able to top that, but clearly it could have been better than what we watched in episode 7.

Bonus: The death star part 2
We need to blow up the death star… again.

Let me know your thoughts!