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90's Rap Songs

Counting down the top 10 rap songs from the 1990's. Did these songs make your list?

Today we are going to be counting down the top 10 rap songs from the 90’s. Collaborating with me I have the stud, Joshua Mini-hulk May, with me.

10. House of Pain - Jump Around
This song is not exercise indoctrination, just a legit, good reason to JUMP.  What I don’t get is how such a happy song was birthed from a group who calls themselves “House of Pain”. Regardless, this song uses the correct formula of a catchy beat and repetitive phrase that uses lingo and verbiage dumbed down enough for its target audience.  

9. Marky mark and the Funky Bunch good vibrations
Let me preface this by saying you NEED to watch this music video. It is worth your time. I love how he keeps us in suspense about what he and his lady are going to do as the blinds to their bedroom slowly open and shut. What a tease! And let’s not forget that every time I see that man shirtless I am inspired to go to the gym and be all I can be. To think we would have never gotten to see Italian Job, the other guys, Ted, or Shooter without this song! Let’s just all give thanks for Lolleatta what’s her face for guest-featuring, making this a decent song, and helping kickstart the career of Marky Mark.

8. Eric B. & Rakim – Don’t Sweat The Technique (1992)
This song is probably on every break dancer and B-boy’s playlist out there. If I had to use 5 words to describe this song I would say: funky, frisky, dramatic, cacophonous, and violent. Not many songs inspire such an eclectic list of adjectives which is why America welcomed this instant classic and why it made this list for my top ten.

7. Coolio- Gangsta’s Paridise
One of the many reasons I love rap from the 90’s is how much these guys wanted to make sure you knew how hard and thug they were. But then at the end of the day they weren’t sure if they liked that or not. Making lots of money and living in big houses seemed nice, too. This song made it big for its catchy beat, but stays in our hearts forever because we can all identify with his inward struggle.

6. The Notorious B.I.G. – Big Poppa (1994)
The Notorious B.I.G. (rest in peace) has many names… his birth name Christopher George Wallace, his alias Biggie Smalls, and various nicknames including King of New York and Frank White.  But nothing pleased him more than hearing people call him "Big Poppa". This song is known for its sleazy beat and making it cool to throw your hands in the air… again. Even though it wasn’t a revolutionary idea, some how this song became a smash hit. I do hope he is a good dad after potentially impregnating half the women in the room. 

5. Sir mix a lot: baby got back
Ode to ladies with large rear-ends (you know who you are)! I’m sure this will come as a shock to some, but sometimes guys talk about girls in terms of which qualities they might appreciate more than others… I will just say that Sir Mix a Lot makes a rather poignant point.

4. Jay-Z: Big Pimpin’
This song really changed the way I thought about women. Before hearing it I was pretty sure they were amazing, kind creations, one of whom I would someday have a marriage and partnership with. After hearing it I was rather certain of my former opinion and knew Jay-Z was kind of a punk, but it sure did look like he was having fun out there and the song has a catchy beat. I even employed some of his techniques, and wore out my skates with all the imaginary tonsil hockey I was playing. JK, I was about 10 years old when this song came out but thought that joke sounded funny.

3. MC Hammer: U Can’t touch this
This may or may not be a direct rip off of Rick James’ Superfreak which came out a decade before, but who cares? With his “too legit to quit attitude” and jeanie parachute pants, Stanley Burrell gifted us with what will forever be known as “Hammer Time”. The only thing I’m still confused about is what exactly is it that we can’t touch? My best friend’s girl? The paintings within the Sistine Chapel? Freedom in its tangible form? Infinite stones?

2. 2Pac – Changes (1998)
When I hear this song I like to imagine the heated argument between 2pac and his label manager. “2Pac please, you know where your bread is buttered- saying cuss words and talking about inappropriate activities! This song is just…. Well…. Too much like an actual song.” Then Tupac responds with:“C’mon, man. I’m tired of playing your games. Ever since I was a kid I just wanted to make a beautiful ballad telling people in the ghetto how much I love them!” I would like to end by saying 2Pac, if you are still out there, please know this was out of love, that no publicity is bad publicity, and that this song is legit.

1.  Will Smith: Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Kicking off the greatest TV series of all time, Will Smith introduces us to #1 Rap Song of the 1990’s. Come on, how could it not be? Who doesn’t know this song? “Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air.” In this decade, Will Smith not only gave us this timeless gem, but also came out with several other solo albums.  In 1991, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince teamed up to create "Summertime" which won them a Grammy for Best Rap Single.

So there you have it! Let me know what you think? Do you agree? Which songs should have made the list? Comment below :)