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Places to eat in Seattle

TRENT’s TOP 10 places to eat in Seattle!

Seattle Food

As I rotated through the hospitals of Seattle, I spent a fair share of time eating out. People asked me what I thought the best places I tried were, so here are my rankings below.
If you have ever been to Seattle and / or tried any of these places please let me know what you think of my list…

1) ATHENIAN, Pike’s Place Market: You really can’t beat hanging out in Pike’s Place Market, especially if you have never been. And in this restaurant you have an incredible view of the water and skyline. The happy hour is LONG and REAL. You know how sometimes you go to a place for “happy hour” and there is nothing special going on… well this is NOT the case. Best Happy Hour in all of Seattle. For under $15 I got Fish&Chips, Salmon skewers dipped in lemon butter sauce, Alaskan cod tacos with all the fixings, and 3 BBQ pulled pork sliders. And it was all delicious! I went here with Jeff and we had a GREAT time.

2) WOOD SHOP BBQ: This hole in the wall BBQ bar has some of the best BBQ sauces I have ever tried. And it had a type of BBQ I have never tried before… Coffee flavored! Actually super good, and I’m not even a coffee fan. If you are a coffee lover this is a must try!

3) RED HOOK BREWERY: Although it is a little more pricey, this was some of the best tasting food I had during my entire time in Seattle. It is typical bar food elevated to the next level. The pizza, wings, and burgers were all some of the best I had tried out of anywhere. I highly recommend the chicken in the ginger honey sauce. I would rank this number one if it wasn’t for a couple of pitfalls… they didn’t have the best costumer service, it is expensive, and no french fries!

Red Hook Brew Lab

4) PASEO CARRIBBEAN FOOD: Super delicious sandwiches ready hot, fresh, and fast. Grab extra napkins, it’s gonna get messy!

Carribbean Food Seattle

5) Marination Station: You will be moaning in delight as you bite into the Hawaiin-Korean fusion food here. You must try their miso ginger chicken tacos or their Kimchi quesadilla.

Marination Station

6) PIROSHKY PIROSHKY, Pike Place Market: Delicious Russian pastries and sandwiches right in the heart of the coolest part of downtown.

7) SPRINGY: Custom built salads! Very delicious and healthy… just a little on the expensive side for food on the run.

8) TASTE OF CARRIBBEAN: Another fun, hole in the wall place on the outskirts of downtown. Their Jerk chicken wings and Jamaican patties were so good!

Jeff always in scrubs

Jeff always in scrubs

9) HAPPY GRILLMORE: Unique Specialty burgers and super good fries!


10) BLUE WATER TACO GRILL: Probably the best Mexican food of the North West… but this isn’t saying much. Nothing compared to the Mexican food we have in So-Cal.

So much good food you would think I would have gained weight… but NO way! Not walking around all the hills in Seattle. Great way to burn off all those calories you take in.

Comment your thoughts below :)