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Fast Food Chains

Trent's Top 10: Major fast food chains

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Trent's Top 10 Fast food Chains in USA Does any of my top 10 match up with your top 10? Comment below :)

Must be a drive-thru or a walk up and order type place with multiply locations to be qualified in this category.

Why I’m qualified? I have worked in the industry for over 5 years. I have been an employee or manager at several fast food locations including but not limited to: Panda Express, Quiznos, Topios, Benes, Jamba Juice, and Subway. So not only do I have the customer perspective and know how the food tastes, I also know what goes on behind the scenes and I definitely factored that into my top ten rankings.

10. Pei wei: I call this classy fast food.  If you are a cheap date but too embarrassed to take your partner to McDonalds or Panda Express, this Chinese eatery gives off the vibe of 3-star sit-down, but you’re going to pay for it.  Overpriced meals, but good variety.  And cool soda machine.  Overall, good rice, but for a-lotta dough.    

9. Mc Donalds: Sorry I know it’s horribly cliched but McDonalds does make the cut. The fact that you can find one within ten miles from wherever you are standing makes it convenient to eat something you are familiar with.  And sometimes you just can’t beat the value menu.  $2 for a spicy McChicken and Fruit and Yogurt Parfait.  I’m Lovin’ it.

8. Jamba: If this was a question of drinks alone, Jamba would be the undisputed winner in my mind. However when competing with fast food chains, Jamba barely makes the list.  It’s nice if you want a light meal and can settle for a smoothie.  But the food supply at Jamba is scarce and definitely not cost effective. I could easily drop ten dollars and it will do little more than quiet the grumbling in my stomach. But best smoothies ever! And BEST oatmeal! Very clean behind the scenes.

7. Jersey Mike’s: The meat and cheeses taste fresh. You feel good afterward. A little pricy, but if you get it Mike’s way, everything should turn out fine.

6. Costco: Everything is bigger at costco.  Even there fast food (bet you forgot to include this in your fast food list huh?). If you are hungry (and didn’t fill up on the samples), they have large pizza, hotdogs, bakes, and smoothies for relatively cheap prices. Great churros too!

5. Pot-Belly. Hands down best sandwich shop around. Too bad they haven’t made their way into California yet. Mostly these shops are located on the east coast. When you find one, don’t be intimidated by the long lines that are ever present, it’s worth the wait. Actually the lines move really fast. And don’t forget to buy a cookie. They have the best cookies!

4. Chick-fil-A: It may be over hyped a little bit but they know how to make hot chicken sandwiches. Delicious fries and dipping sauces. I enjoy the shakes and most people rave about them. One of the few fast food places I actually crave… and why do I always happen to crave it on Sundays when they are closed? It must be one of those things about human nature, wanting what we can’t have.

3.  In-N-out: It’s simple and delicious. I know it’s still a hamburger and fries (Just like McDonalds) but for some reason I feel healthier while eating it.

2. Pick up stix: Best chinese fast food chain, and I think it’s solely due to the house chicken.  If you haven’t tried it, you need to.

1. Chiptole: Healthy, Cheap, Tasty. and fills you up.  Could there be a better place. The only criticism I here about this place is that it isn’t authentic mexican food.  Who cares?  The chips and guacamole are amazing. Love the rice and corn. Great portion sizes. And the friendliest staff of any fast food chain I have encountered.  They don’t try to nickel and dime you me when I ask for a double wrapped burrito or extra rice. If you are hungry, want something quick, and have less than 10 dollars, nothing satisfies like Chipotle.  Winner Winner Chicken (burrito) dinner.

Honorable Mentions:
The Habit :This burger joint isn’t everywhere but if you find one I recommend trying it. Great burgers for a great price.

Rubios: Rubios has the best fish tacos, but only go on Tuesday afternoons so you can get them for half price. Good food, but like Pei Wei can be a little pricey.

Subway: I love subway because I can satisfy my quota of vegetables for the day without even having to think about it.  I don’t know anywhere else I can be filled up for 5 dollars on a footlong sandwich with a dozen different vegetables piled on top. Used to be in my top 5 but now that they nickel and dime you for everything, this place no longer makes the list. They charge you for toasting your sandwich and if you dine in rather than eating out. Also of note, don’t eat the Tuna unless you want to clog your arteries. It is probably the most unhealthy thing on the menu. Regardless of what people may tell you, I have watched it prepared in the back room and there are more parts mayonnaise than actual meat. Would you like some tuna with that mayonnaise?

Carls Jr: Known for their messy meals and provocative commercials, this place has to be in 90% of man’s top 5.  I love just about every burger on this menu.  And you can’t beat their hearty breakfast value meals.  The only down side to this place is the they way you feel about ten minutes after you conclude your meal.  Pleasure for your taste buds, pain for your digestive system.

Carls Jr messy burger

Happy eating!